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Monday, March 2, 2015

What's Up

Seeing how it's another cold gray day perfect for sewing and that's my plan. What I am working on and not yet up on the wall today, is the start of this month RSC 15 color which is yellow, So I am cutting all the scraps I need to make my blocks for this month 

Then I'm going to cut for the stash busters that is next month at Sugar Creek quilt shop that they have every other month. The pattern is a flying geese variation which is in rows of flying geese that Moda  had put out. 
This is going to be my March Lovely to Finish, which I link up to at fiber of all sorts, hope you go see what others are working on finishing this month.

It's a free pattern you can go to their site and download it or just copy which ever you want to do. (I was told but I can't find it)

I'm going to make it out of a fat quarter pack that my daughter had given me for Christmas a few years ago and then some background fabric that I had purchased last year for another quilt that wasn't the right color but it will work perfect with the fat quarter pack. Oh and I'm also going to use  Deb Tucker's flying geese ruler which she calls the wing clipper, it's perfect for trimming flying geese. 

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My Sunday

We still have snow on the ground, which I thought we were going to lose today because there was a prediction of rain but that didn't come about. It was cold and a good day to stay in.  Today was a good day, I got to speak to a lot of family today through face time or over the phone. Work on our taxes for last year. And did get a little bit of sewing done. All mainly handwork. 

I did prepping for my "Words to Live By" BOM by Primitive Gathering. 

you want a good reference book for appliqueing, this is it;Jeanne Sullivan's Simply Successful Applique

I also worked on my Morning Glory Designs  BOM

I did the Iris block. And I did some appliquéing on the Columbine block. 
So in retrospect, it with a good day. I'm going to be linking this post at Kathy's quilt for her Slow Sunday that she has every Sunday. You need to check it out, there's some really neat things going on out there and I enjoy reading other peoples blogs.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February's Finishes

This is my February's Lovely Finish,
Nested Churn Dash.
I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I wanted to thank those how left comments with their suggestion on how they would finish it. I am going to take their suggestion along with my friend Mary and combine them.
I will go with grey to frame it in but I'll use it in the binding. 
A change from my scrappy binding like I was planning. And will have that darkness of grey but not as thick as the sashing. 
Thank you everyone.

So now for a few other finishes.
This is an addition to the blocks I started for RSC15

I had these blocks left over from making Breast Cancer quilts many years ago (8 yrs). 
Now I have another donation quilt.
This one is crib size and will make a cute little girls quilt.

Then I found these block while looking for something. These date back again to 2008 & 2009. At one guild I was member of would have what you call a pizza box exchange. If you wanted to, you would gather up about 4 yards of fabric that you want your blocks to be made of. The box would be rotated each month to a different member to make a block of your desire. You would give instructions on what size, maybe a pattern, of suggestion or not. Whatever you choose. My suggestion was a 12" finished block, to use only the fabric I provided and to have the background fabric in the block.
I found this setting on Gen X Quilters.
Love it.


I finished my Pea Ridge Lily Quilt
Not a very good picture, this was taken before I had sewn it together. I thought I had but plan to take a one and will show it later.


I decided to go along with setting it like the original one was. 
A lot of the quilts of the 1800's would be set so you would see the design from both sides of the bed. This one I will hand quilt also.

February was a good month for sewing.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hardy chickens

I haven't given any information on my chickens lately, for one reason they haven't really been doing much. It's been cold and they pretty much just stay in the hen house and try to stay warm. Bless their hearts, they're doing a very good job of it with no help for me. I do not have a light out there in the chicken house. It's not well insulated is just plywood walls. There is straw on the ground to help with some insulation. But as you can tell from what I'm saying the poor girls are on the own. Boy are they from Hardy chickens.
I have not lost one this winter. I have 13 girls, and they're all older girls, 3years and  older. I really thought I would lose some of them with this cold spell we've been having. But just proves to show you what good health and mother nature  has created can do. Okay I have to give myself a little credit I have been feeding them exceptionally well. I've been trying to keep their health the best so they can fight off anything this winter. 
Now as far as eggs go  From  about Thanksgiving on, all I was getting was about an egg a day. Starting about February though this month, production is way up. I'm averaging about five eggs a day.
All I know is that if there's not a bounty on that groundhog, there should be, 

because the girls have cabin fever bad and as you can tell they really do not like to go out in the snow.
Now nothing against these girls, but I do plan on getting some new chicks in the spring,  just because the girls are getting old and I'm afraid I might lose some this summer. That's just what I do, I always get a few chicks every every spring. Except for last spring I didn't. Well over due for a few new ones. So there you go just a short update on the girls. Nothing much happening with them other than  hibernating in the hen house and waiting for nice days.

Monday, February 23, 2015

What's up

My goal for today is to try to finish my nested churn dash quilt. 
But I'm not sure if that's going to happen. I had to have my friend Mary help me this weekend to figure out how to put the blocks together. I was just puzzled how I would do it, you would think after working on it for so long I would have it all planned out to the end. 

But no! We decided to go with a dark sashing and yellow cornerstones.  But that's as far as I got, now I have to decide what am I going to do for the outside.

Will I continue with the dark all the way around 

or will I go with a lighter fabric all the way around.
I know what I want for the binding. I'm going to do a scrappy binding. Now if there's anyone out there have any ideas of what they would do, I would love to hear them because I am auditioning at this time.
I would really love to get this done this week and check it off my list.

While deciding I am going to finish this lap quilt that I had blocks leftover from ones made years ago.  I need to make one more basket block.
I will donate this one when I'm done.
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Sunday

It has been a very relaxing Sunday for me. With the new cold front that came in today it was a great day to to watch a good movie and do some handwork. I had prep the first block of Morning Glory's BOM, 


I know the picture she has is with a black background but I wanted to do mine in an off white sateen. I just love the look of sateen.
We watched the movie Boyhood. I thought it was so nice to see the actors all age naturally. I felt it displayed real life.
And then we watch the first few episodes of Longmire on Nexflix. I was so pleased when they picked up that series after A & E dropped it. 
I'm going to link this up at Kathy's Quilt and I hope you'll go check out all the others who have too.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rainbow Challenge on Steroids

I've done it again, let time slip away. I have been meaning to write this for the past week and I'm finally now getting to it. I do have a good excuse, I been very lucky to have all this week for sewing and prepping applique blocks. 
But what I wanted to share was my blocks that I made for this months RSC15. Not just mine thou, I also wanted to show the blocks that the ladies in the 30's club we have at a local quilts shop, Sager Creek Quilts. 
How this came about was last month at our meeting I mention how I have been particapating in RSC
for the past couple of years and how it is a fun way of using up my scraps. I ask if anyone wanted to join me this year. To my surprise they all say they wanted to, there is 12 of us.
And being that our group is focused on the 1930's, the majority  have done their blocks in 30's reproduction fabric. Also since we started last month, this month was the first time we we able to show our block so we have blue and some pink blocks too. This is going to be fun.

she realized she made a mistake after all was sewn and had brought it anyway, good sport.

Now I did one block in 30's fabrics and the rest just out of my scrap box.

If you are interested in the pattern for my block I wrote about them here

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