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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New To Me

This morning after I had done a few things I usually get online and go to my Blogger site to check my stats and comments etc.
Noticing that I had a lot of comments that I had not responded back to, figure that would be the next thing I was going to do and cleanup my emails.
But I got sidetracked by going to a few of the blogs I follow and I don't know if you do this but I'll go to one blog that will have a link or subjects that interests me and will go to that, and before you know it I'm off somewhere.
Well that is what happened this morning, it led me to a website which I had never heard of before and that was quiltalong.net.
Now you might of been there already, seeing how I figure you all are savvy bloggers. I read it's been around for a year.

I far as I can tell there is no membership or fees required to view the quiltalong or the link parties. You can sign up for a newsletter that I understand gives you updates on new ones being posted. I think it's a pretty cool site as far as I can tell and so I'm going to go ahead and put their button on my side bar there so if you need it in the future it will be located there

Monday, February 8, 2016

What's Up 02.08.16

I'm tired from not
 just having one project up on the design wall but a rotation of projects.
Started out this morning with this month's RSC. 

I went straight to changing out the walking foot I had on the machine for attaching the binding to the 30's Sampler. Which by the way I am halfway done sewing it down. 

After changing the foot I sewn on the rest of the border, now it completed and ready to sandwich.

After that I started putting up last years RSC's  I had 5 different quilts patterns, so started to see what was needed to finish them.

The nine patch is ready so went ahead and put it together. Now this one too is ready to quilt.

The curvy log cabin has plenty of blocks, just need to put it up on the wall in the layout I want, which I'm not sure yet.

Spool blocks I think there are enough, now just need to decide if I will lay them side by side, have a sashing or alternate block to separate the spools. Guess it depends on how big and what to do with this one.
All of these quilts will be given away somehow, 
and would like them to be useful.

didn't relies it was blurred, had already took down by the time I edited....Sorry

The stacked bricks (my name for it) needs a few more blocks and I hadn't done all the colors yet so that is what I'll do, make a few more.

The large 30's print blocks I had to lay on the floor because of their size. Now to make this a useful bed quilt I need to make 7 more block. Now that is more than the 11 colors we had last year. Just double up on some of the colors which will turn out very nice.

It was a lot that went up and down on the wall today but gave me a good idea of the UFO's needing to get completed.
I'm all for getting projects done. 
Which includes last month's RSC. 

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Doing The Happy Dance

That's Right

Happy Dance

I can say with such delight I am finally finished quilting on the 30's Sampler.

These picture are from last summer and most of the basting stitches were in.  I had this one basted on a large quilting machine so that is why there are all those straight line.

I quilted a quarter inch from the seams on 99% of the quilt. The only time I quilted closer was when I quilted around an appliqued piece.

So today I am going to make a binding and I'm thinking of using all 30's solids, in all the colors I have.

Attach that down while watching the Superbowl (love the commercials) 

Boy after 5 years, that's how long it's been since I started quilting on this and I believe this is the first post written  about quilting on this back in Dec. 2012. And at that time I said I started it the year before.

If I happen to get the binding on and have time before the game, I'll try to finish the flying pigs baby quilt top. That one is going to be a quilt to practice machine quilting on.

Till later,

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scrappy Saturday

Today was Dogwood Quilters Guild meeting in Siloam Spring Arkansas.
Even tho I live in Oklahoma I am very close to Siloam Springs which happens to have a very active guild. I haven't been to a meeting in months but this one I just happen to attend was having a class on making the Migrating Geese. Here is a link to a good tutorial of her plus Deb Tuckers. 
Over at Soscrappy I'm joining in on this month's color of brown with an accent of pink.
I had this so cute Eggs and Bacon with cubby Pigs fabric and figure this would be perfect for this month's baby quilt.

What do you think...... adorable isn't is 

Our teacher for the day was a member and shop owner of the local Quilt shop Sager Creek, Pam Goggans.

Excellent teacher and if you are in the area you need to drop by her shop. She has a quilt in the Jan,/Feb. issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. That is just her latest published pattern.

I took my Featherweight to use cause it's the perfect machine for classes and retreat. Just love sewing on that little mighty machine. I need to come up with a name for her..

I made great progress but not quite done. If I had of started earlier and didn't have to stop to come home, there is no reason this could've been completed in one day.

This one has a single color for the geese but it is so pretty scrappy.

Whether it's used as columns or a border.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

February's Layout in My Bujo

Image result for happy eyes clipart

First I want to thank you all for the well wishes on my eye surgery, Want you to know it all went well and I am writing this without glasses. A little fuzzy but will get better with each passing day. It's funny tho cause I find myself trying to reach for the top of my head as though my glasses are there. 
I am so pleased so far with getting the multi-focal lenses in place of the mono-focal lenses. I think it was a good choice for me.

Now I wanted to show how much the layout in my Bullet Journal has change in the month of January. Been only doing this Bullet Journal setup for tasks and planning since November. Loving it and the fun part is finding the layout that works the best. To see each week improving.  

I started the year out with my daily spread looking like this,

I've blurred it so nothing too personal can be read. Hope you still can get the idea.

tasks on one side and journaling on the other. This is why I like the bullet journal, the flexibility to have a daily planner plus a journal.

Then during the month I thought about how many pages I would be using in this journal if I continue with a 2 page spread.

Changed it up to a page for each day's tasks and journaling.
I liked that and did this for a couple weeks but then I added a menu page where I had spaces for tasks and goals for the week written there also.

 I liked having a week at a glance of tasks and such to check out.
But again was concern about pages being used, I want this book to last at least 6 months.

So I decided to try a layout where it was a week of dailies and tasks and goals for the week on the spread. then have my journaling on the following pages.


So now this it what February is looking like,

Monthly  calendar

Monthly tracker and Plan With Me Challenge. This is a daily challenge put on by Kara at Boho Berry, Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine on Facebook and Instagram for Bullet Journal lovers.

A place to write daily gratitudes.  (I still use my jar too)

This is the daily spread

Which I am liking right now. I seem to have enough room, everything I need at a glance.
With my journaling on the following pages. You can see some shadowing from the writing but it doesn't bother me. Actually it's darker in the photo than what I see.

Which I can see so well now....

Well there is what my Bujo has come to.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's Up

Yesterday I was in Tulsa again to see the eye doctor. Today I went in for my left eyes surgery and looking it forward to it. Last week it went so well, so far it has been pretty good.  By the time I got back yesterday I was only able to work on catching up on January  Quilty 365. 
I'm not quite done with them but here is what I have completed so far.

I had started this last night to have posted but the battery went dead and now I'm finishing it.

Vision is not my best but I will not let that stop me from finishing this, it just be short.

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