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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dallas Show

I had promise to show the pictures I took at the Dallas Quilt show last month. So Mama over at mamas mercantile here are a few of what you were looking forward to.
This is part of the special exhibit they had.
First is Dan the Woodman;
Second is a local quilter, Richard Larson. 
Beside his own display of his work there were a few quilts in the show that was quilted by him.
Did my best on pictures but as you know, pictures most of the time do not do justice to the quilts. Always more stunning in person

Hope you liked.
I have plenty more I need to go through.
So just hang in there a little longer Mama.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Finally Somethings Up

I have been MFB (missing from blogging) way too long and I have had wanting to write. I would either be too busy or just too tired at the end of the day. I am right now but I will do my best to make since.
The past couple of days I have been working on this months RSC15 blocks.

Still need to trim these up.

 But here are the others that are completed. YEAH!!!!

I had a few blocks left from a quilt I made my oldest daughter. I'll figure out how to make them into a baby quilt.

And I did finally finish the two tops I was doing for stash busters last month. I used what I had on hand and they will be gifts for this Christmas. Figure I get an early start.

Same fabric and blocks but love how a different setting can give each a unique look.

Monday, March 16, 2015

What's Up 3-16-15

Made it home last night from the Dallas show around midnight. For now all I can say is I thought it was a wonderful show. I need to go through my pictures and the post my favorites.
So on my wall is what I left up there last week seeing how I been gone since Thursday.
I have been working on getting this months color YELLOW 

And a portion of a baby quilt using Jenny Doan's method of her Disappearing Hourglass 2

A word of warning there are a lot of bias edges, so be careful not to stretch them. Starch heavily, can help. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Homemade Version of Larabar

I have become obsessed with Larabars, especially the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 

So being a penny pincher and at a $1.50 a bar, I figure I could make something close to it for a lot less.
Went online to read what others have done besides reading the ingredients on the bar. From there I started playing around.
I ended up with one I felt was pretty close. Actually down right yummy and a healthy, clean snack
All you need is raw cashews whole or pieces
pitted dates without sugar
and chocolate chips ( I found at Sprouts vegan, sweeten with Stevia mini chips. Perfect)
A pinch of salt
And a food processor.

I used equal amounts of cashews and dates, 1.5 cups each. If dates are hard, soak them in warm water for 10 mins, drain and pat dry.
Put them in the processor for about 10 sec. It should be well minced and starting to ball up. 

At least it did on me. All that is important is that it will stick together enough to form balls or bars.
But not too sticky.
Then mix in  1/4 cup of chips, I did this in the processor too. Maybe 4-5 sec.

Use parchment or wax paper to flatten for bars or can roll into balls, your choice.

Refrigerate for at least 30 mins before cutting.
Can store in the frig for a week or two (I read online) but I doubt if they will even last a week for me seeing how I just love them. 

Here is the one I made on the left and the store bought on the right.
Taste is really close, mine had a little more the texture.

Yum Yum

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another finish

I wanted to show the Christmas Wall hanging that I had made 5 years ago. Its just now has it's binding sewn on. 
I can now cross this off my list for good.

This a Redwork pattern called 
Winter Twittering
by Pearl Louise Krush
publisher The House of White Birch

I linking this to julie k quilts

Monday, March 2, 2015

What's Up

Seeing how it's another cold gray day perfect for sewing and that's my plan. What I am working on and not yet up on the wall today, is the start of this month RSC 15 color which is yellow, So I am cutting all the scraps I need to make my blocks for this month 

Then I'm going to cut for the stash busters that is next month at Sugar Creek quilt shop that they have every other month. The pattern is a flying geese variation which is in rows of flying geese that Moda  had put out. 
This is going to be my March Lovely to Finish, which I link up to at fiber of all sorts, hope you go see what others are working on finishing this month.

It's a free pattern you can go to their site and download it or just copy which ever you want to do. (I was told but I can't find it)

I'm going to make it out of a fat quarter pack that my daughter had given me for Christmas a few years ago and then some background fabric that I had purchased last year for another quilt that wasn't the right color but it will work perfect with the fat quarter pack. Oh and I'm also going to use  Deb Tucker's flying geese ruler which she calls the wing clipper, it's perfect for trimming flying geese. 

linking up to

My Sunday

We still have snow on the ground, which I thought we were going to lose today because there was a prediction of rain but that didn't come about. It was cold and a good day to stay in.  Today was a good day, I got to speak to a lot of family today through face time or over the phone. Work on our taxes for last year. And did get a little bit of sewing done. All mainly handwork. 

I did prepping for my "Words to Live By" BOM by Primitive Gathering. 

you want a good reference book for appliqueing, this is it;Jeanne Sullivan's Simply Successful Applique

I also worked on my Morning Glory Designs  BOM

I did the Iris block. And I did some appliquéing on the Columbine block. 
So in retrospect, it with a good day. I'm going to be linking this post at Kathy's quilt for her Slow Sunday that she has every Sunday. You need to check it out, there's some really neat things going on out there and I enjoy reading other peoples blogs.

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